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Nathalie Garcon 3

(Audio-EN) Bioaster, Neomed : Same Objective, Similar Approach, Some Differences

Montreal (QUEBEC) – Nathalie Garçon is the CEO and CSO of Bioaster, a French technological research institute dedicated to work on infectious diseases and microbiology sponsored jointly by Lyonbiopôle and l’institut Pasteur. On Thursday the 25th of February, she gave a lecture at the Neomed Institute wich is summarized in this interview. She explains why […]


(Audio-EN) Can financial engineering cure cancer ?

Montreal (QUEBEC) – No, financial engineering cannot cure cancer, but it can get more fundings to the people that might be able to develop therapies that are really effective. Roger Stein’s lecture at the NÉOMED Institute, Thursday the 5th of November, which is summarized in this interview, explains how his new model that uses modern […]

Gladius nouvel essai blog neomed

(audio-EN) Gladius Pharmaceuticals closes a $4,1 million Series A for its new generation of antibiotics

Montreal (QUEBEC) – After a year of negotiations, the newly created company Gladius Pharmaceuticals has successfully raised $4,1 million in a Series A financing. In this interview, Michael Atkin, CEO of Gladius, explains how he got in touch with the prestigious investors that participated in the operation, including Lumira Capital, SR One and Fonds de solidarité […]

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(audio-EN) DNA-based therapeutics: enGene successfuly raises CAD $13.5 million

Montreal (Quebec) – enGene, a Montreal-based biotechnology company, has just raised CAD $13.5 million in a Series B investment round led by Forbion Capital Partners, with participation of Lumira Capital and new investors Quebec’s Fonds de solidarité FTQ and Pharmstandard International. Inventor of a disruptive technology based on the idea of turning the gut into […]

Helmut Thomas

(audio-EN) Macrocycles: Cyclenium Pharma to raise $5 to $7M

Montreal (QUEBEC) – Founded in 2013 by former researchers of Tranzyme Pharma, one of the pioneering companies exploring small molecule macrocycles for drug discovery, Cyclenium Pharma a NÉOMED resident company, takes over the mission. This new-born start-up lead by its CEO and president Helmut Thomas, is building a screening library to produce more than 20,000 […]

test 2 BioAuxilium - Jaime Padros

(audio-EN) BioAuxilium capitalizes on its work with the Montreal Diabetes Research Center

Montreal (QUEBEC) – How to find partners when you’re a 1-year brand new R&D services provider in assay development? Jaime Padrós, president of BioAuxilium, a NÉOMED resident company, has the answer! The leader and its team attend most business conventions taking place in Montreal and the US, and travel to the Boston region on a […]

Arshad Jilani

(audio-EN) Progeneca welcomes its very first customers

Montreal (QUEBEC) – After a long time working in drug discovery, Dr. Arshad Jilani, CEO, has decided in 2012 to take on a new mission: providing R&D services at a reasonable cost for small and large biotech companies, and build its own start-up, Progeneca. After only 2 years, Progeneca, a NÉOMED resident company, has already entered into […]