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(Audio-EN) Can financial engineering cure cancer ?

Montreal (QUEBEC) – No, financial engineering cannot cure cancer, but it can get more fundings to the people that might be able to develop therapies that are really effective. Roger Stein’s lecture at the NÉOMED Institute, Thursday the 5th of November, which is summarized in this interview, explains how his new model that uses modern risk management methods and and financial engineering techniques can reduce the conventionally high risks of investing in the early stages of biomedical research all while keeping attractive returns. Roger Stein, PhD, is a senior lecturer in finance at MIT’s Sloan School of Management and a research affiliate at the MIT Laboratory for Financial Engineering. He goes on in the interview to explain how financial engineering can alleviate some of the biggest issues in health sciences today, such as the rapidly rising prices of new drugs. Dr. Stein concludes by mentioning how investments in research for the development of therapies concerning orphan and genetic diseases with severe outcomes can also benefit from new financial engineering models.

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