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(audio-EN) Macrocycles: Cyclenium Pharma to raise $5 to $7M

Montreal (QUEBEC) – Founded in 2013 by former researchers of Tranzyme Pharma, one of the pioneering companies exploring small molecule macrocycles for drug discovery, Cyclenium Pharma a NÉOMED resident company, takes over the mission. This new-born start-up lead by its CEO and president Helmut Thomas, is building a screening library to produce more than 20,000 compounds. In this interview, Helmut Thomas explains which therapeutic areas Cyclenium is working on, and details the advantages that macrocycles offer over bigger biologics and conventional small molecules. The company will soon start building a pipeline of macrocycles drug candidates. To finance the next steps, Cyclenium wants to raise between $5 and $7M and is having several discussions with VC and corporate funds that have shown interest in macrocycles chemistry.

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